Get website started

How to get your website started

Systems and Procedures

Important points to note: Note >> Print Option at the bottom of the page

Initial Planning

  • Create a dedicated filing system on your C Drive [Hierarchy and labels]
  • Diarise deadlines
  • Use the table below as a guide
  • Send ALL work in digital format
  • Keep all tasks separate. [Please do NOT put more than one task in an email -create/compose a new email for each separate task to avoid jobs falling through the cracks]
  • Label every image properly. [Title, description, size etc]
  • Make sure all notes/copy are unformatted [eg. no Word docs or similar]
  • Check your Copy for spelling and grammar.
  • If you have special fonts you want, please get the correct Names/weights/measurements. [be aware some fonts are not compatible with website code and/or they may only be commercially available, ie they will incur costs]
  • If you have specific colours, we will need to know the codes [There are 16,777,216 possible HTML colour codes]

Be Aware of….

  • Copy should be your own. Original [Beware of plagiarism]
  • Ditto for images
  • Colours should be used judiciously. Less is more
  • The fonts are the same. Avoid messy, confusing or hard-to-read fonts.
  • Images should add clarity to your story.
  • We use email tracking [When it was delivered, read, and opened etc.] If your email service has blockers, please disable them so we know when you received mail. Otherwise we see it as “delivered – Un-opened” – that’s not good!
  • Sometimes things slip. If there is an unexpected delay please call.
  • We do not accept any material via Message/WhatsApp etc. Only email
  • Ditto for paper, pdf etc.

Important Notes

We need to build your website to tell your story.
Chances are great that you know your business better than us. Give us the information that you want prospects and clients to find.
Invest some time to craft your message properly. First impressions and all that…
For prospects, you have one shot at engaging them.
Make sure it is your Best Shot.

On this point, when a visitor lands on one of your pages, you have about 3-5 seconds to engage them.
if your message is not “On point” they will be gone.
Probably forever.

Work Schedule

TaskObjectiveTime FrameKey Points
Gather “Copy”Populate website with information
for users/visitors
Home Page = 4 days -the rest, 2 weeksHighlight words/phrases that your customer uses when they “search”
Categorise “Copy”Separate content into sections relevant to the pages. [Contact details=Contact Page]on-goingSeparate pages/Text files for each!!!
Gather all imagesImages need to be relevant and original. They embellish the story. Group and label.immediateMust be in web format. Must be labelled correctly and optimised.
Write an “Elevator Speech”in 10 seconds, how would you explain to a stranger, what your business does and why it’s importantImmediateWhat is it?
Who is it for?
Why should they buy it?
How do they get it?
Who is your perfect clientA detailed description of your “BEST” client. (incl. age, demographics, income, occupation etc.)immediateThis is your prime target. (more on this later)
How many products/services do you have?Hierarchy.
List all, in order of importance
1 weekThere is only 1 (ONE) winner!
Detail Products/ServicesInformation.
Specs that leave nothing out
3 weeksSame cues as “elevator speech”
List all Biz associations.
Xcell sheet
Populate outbound links. Chamber of Commerce, compliance, boards, 3 weeksName, website, function
N.A.P.Name, address, phone numbers1 weekStreet, Post, etc.
List of peopleWho’s who?2 weeksName, title, function, phone number, email, short bio.
Get all company profilesSocial media: LinkedIn, Fakebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.3 weeksOnly the “Business” pages

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