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Don't get Locked in and Tied down by a Broker. Make sure that you find the right person. You don't need a new "friend", you need a Specialist. Find a Planner here..

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We can help yo​u..

  • Identify your immediate problem
  • Offer a constructive action plan
  • Find the right Planner, an Expert to assist you

Why you need Specialists

  • They focus on one skill only
  • They are experts in their field.
  • You get real diversity and Independent advice

Are your Finances not as good as they should be? The Financial Industry wont help. They are in business for themselves. Brokers and Financial Planners want all your business.  You have multiple needs. A single bank or insurance company does Not have all the best solutions. We can help you find a planner. You need options. You are  different.

To get ahead you need experts who specialise. 

It doesn't cost you a cent more to use a specialist. But you could lose a fortune by relying on a "Jack of all Trades". Use only Experts who Specialise.

We at Strategic Alliance know from thirty years of experience that to get the job done properly, you need people who are focused, skilled and specialists. We have an outstanding team. Our Alliance allows us to find you the best and most appropriate Planner for your particular need. We have no ties, loyalty or bias to any company or adviser. Our task is to help you.

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Strategic Alliance

Question: If you went to your doctor and he diagnosed a torn knee ligament, would you let him operate? Would he refer you on to a specialist? Would that be an Orthopedic surgeon or a cardiologist? We believe in the same principle, identify the problem or shortfall and then appoint the qualified specialist to solve it. Be that for your possessions, your medical, death, retirement, Estate plan or your business insurance. Our selected panel of Financial Planners are all experienced and qualified. They act on your behalf and are accountable to you. We offer oversight and control. They do not work outside their speciality.
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Our Team Services

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    Short Term 
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    Medical aid / Med Insure
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    Pensions Provident Funds
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    Personal Cover-Death 
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    Wills & Trusts 
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    Cyber Risk
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    SME Risk - Key-man, Buy/Sell Contingent Liability.

The Key Benefits of Working With Us


Experienced Staff


Fast Response Time


Certified Expertise

Call us at: 060-845 4487

What Our Clients Say

“All the parts fit together...”

“Our business and home were always lumped together as a single risk. We now have isolated all the business risk from our personal stuff. We are properly protected and feel a lot safer.”

Les Juby

Web Developer, IT Specialist

“The best part is we are spending less...”

“Our previous brokers were trying to do everything themselves resulting in in-efficiencies. With specialised planning we were able to improve our cover as well as reduce premium costs..”

K McGeer

Franchise Principle

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