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3 things we all want from our websites

Optimized Website

Get your website checked for all SEO signals. Find what’s working, improve it. What’s Not working, fix it. What’s missing… Add it. Optimise your website asset. No website? > get website..

Social Media Success

Like it or hate it, you shouldn’t ignore it. Done properly this can help drive traffic and build your brand. Using regular outreach you can achieve amazing results.

Page 1 in Search Results

Use this to drive traffic and get more enquiries. We had enormous success with some of our strategies. The beauty is that most of the tools are actually free. Bonus!

SEO gets Traffic gets Results

Find Customers and Grow Your Business

Get a full website audit to get better results

targeted campaigns

Using brand awareness campaigns paired with content production, we can help your business get the enquiries it needs.

Get more eyeballs

Get More Leads and visitors on your site. Our digital solutions put you in control of your campaign

synchronize all systems

Gain insights into all of your stats in one place for your campaign. Grow your results month over month.

A website audit will check "Under the Hood" to establish the following;

Questions. Geeky – what is the state of the following?

SSL Certificate, Mobile and desktop speed. Server security. Dormant or inactive plugins. Duplicated functionality with analytics and plugins. Updated themes and software. 404’s and 301 redirects. Links internal and external. Schema markup, NAP across digital platforms. On page SEO and “best practice”. Hierarchy. Content Snippets. Meta tags. Image optimization. And about 38 other things which I forget because it’s on a check list somewhere. It’s important though!

Answers. Relatively obvious. What are the present numbers?

Site Performance, Accessibility, Best Practice and SEO

Traffic, Bounce rate, Dwell time, Most popular Keywords.

Functionality. Navigation.

CTA. Desired metrics being met?

Put simply;  What do you want from your website?

Build a brand. Get more social validation. Build your list. Deliver data and information. Get more information. Sell online. Make appointments. Get quotes. Sign up members.

I want – – – – – -?        what exactly?

The next two questions are important:

  1. Why do you want this, and
  2. What is your time frame.

The reason you need to ask these questions is because your aspirations need to be aligned with your website. So too do your other digital platforms. A holistic blend working together. Makes sense, don’t you think?

It’s your call though.

Whatever those targets are, you, (and us) are subject to the Big Tech “rules”. As such we strongly recommend you get that in order. Doing this will make your journey a lot easier.

Take action. Jot down your details below. Then hit that blue button.

There are a lot of factors that determine the health of your website. You need to check them out. That’s assuming you want to make improvements!

Why should you make your website fast?

speed - Metrics that matter

The search engines, Google etc., reward websites that give their users (Your prospects) a good “User Experience” [UX]. Speed is HIGH on their list of priorities.

search done on mobile

More than 55% of all search is conducted on hand held dvices. If your information doesn’t show up you definitely will not get the lead. Your opposition will. Is that fair?!

Inter activity and service

Cheap information will always drive out expensive information. Old school advertising is almost dead. Tech allows customers to get super fast answers and results. They expect no less. Are you offering it to them?

Grow your Business - One click at a time. Build a Lead Generation machine that never sleeps.

The goal is to grow organic traffic in the search engine results.

Client Reviews

The GTEM-SEO team helped improving/optimizing my website to get more traffic. As well as providing my business with online exposure and results. Thank you so much Stretch & team for professional work done at great value!.
Kara testimonial
Kara Dennis
Marketing Director
What I really find refreshing about working with Stretch is that he is very approachable and he never has an issue with sorting out my requests for changes/additions to my Website. I can definitely recommend GTEM for Website development. Great service.
Bizlink Hillcrest Testimonial-GTEM
R Holmes
Owner Director

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