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Digital marketing and SEO services-GTEM in Durban

Many platforms offer digital services. We have seen that when they are coordinated to work together, the results can be spectacular

Your business can start generating revenue in no time at all. We make it easy for you to build an online presence that will grow as your business does!

And because we offer unlimited support after launch, there are no surprises or hidden costs down the road. It really is that simple!

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Build a website

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Website design is all about giving people what they need in the simplest, most intuitive way possible. Today, people are more than just searchers. They’re buyers. And they want to be able to convert on the first go
Read More about web design


GTEM Website services
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Revamp your website. Get better results from your efforts. Attract a consistent flow of
leads and enquiries
Websites built, and upgraded, with great content creation, social marketing strategies, and solid SEO. Tailor solutions to suit your specific needs.


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SEO – Optimisation

Many business owners are still unclear about what SEO is, though it’s an important part of online marketing. They might not know who to turn to when they need help fixing their website or optimizing it to make it more visible in search engines. Master SEO

Additional Services

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E-Mail Marketing

Growing your business is hard work. Help yourself and your customers by automating the most time-consuming parts of your marketing and sales with email automation. Create and send triggered emails, monitor the results, and test everything with A/B split testing. Use these automated processes to engage with your customers, drive sales, and provide a great experience that helps you grow.
Keep close to your customers, nurture them, automatically.

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Website Security

All websites on the internet are vulnerable to hacking attempts. The reason why WordPress sites are a common target is that WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder. It powers over 31% of all websites meaning hundreds of millions of websites across the globe.
This immense popularity gives hackers an easy way to find websites that are less secure, so they can exploit them. Read more about website maintenance and security HERE

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You don’t need to sell online or hire an IT team to keep your website up. Get the best web experience for your customers. Sell from anywhere and grow your sales with an e-commerce website built exclusively for your business.
Sell from any location with no upfront costs or geographical restrictions. With a full-featured sales engine that never sleeps.
READ: 7 reasons to get online with an e-commerce website

The Solutions We Offer

We believe in the concept of “ownership”. It can help you create data that you own and control.
To do this, we employ a “conversion-focused” website, using every available platform to bring traffic to your website, and then provide you with the insight you need to increase conversions.
Join our team of experienced professionals today!

Need a website? We can do that.
Need copywriting, SEO optimization, content marketing strategy, or influencer outreach for your business? We can do that too.
Does your website need an upgrade? Yup, we can help with that as well. Call today.


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Website domains and hosting to cater to a variety of applications.
WordPress dedicated hosting and shared hosting.
Need a domain for email purposes only? We got you covered. Go here for help with Hosting.
Domain purchase and email set-up are all done in-house.

  • Traffic unlimited,
  • Disk space 50 GB,
  • Sub-domains included 5,
  • DNS Administration incl.,
  • Client Admin konsoleH,
  • Password protection incl.,
  • FTP and FTPS access incl.,
  • Daily backup 14 days,
  • Backup function Daily compilation of detailed log files,
  • Graphic statistical analysis of log files,
  • SSL encryption (HTTPS),
  • Symantec Basic SSL Certificate


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We know copywriting seems like a tedious process, and is often a necessary evil for any successful content marketer. And even worse, a lot of people don’t have the time or the patience to write copy that is going to convert readers into leads.
Easy website is now able to offer website owners access to great copywriting services. Web pages, sales pages, ads, or social media posts.
From keyword research, and SEO optimization, to publishing, we can ensure a high-quality post will be done. Let us make your blog post shine with razor-sharp writing, first-rate organization, and beautiful design. Try our services today and get noticed with a blog post that’s read by thousands of people!

Manage Social Media

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Social & PR –
“70% of people who visit a site will only do so if it has been shared on social media”
With this kind of power, it is no surprise that the most successful businesses in the world are using social media to market themselves.
As a business owner or manager, you know how important it is to have social media services. But, what if you don’t have the time or the skills? We’ll make sure you do! We provide relevant and engaging content for your branded social media platforms. We publish engaging content regularly, analyze your data for insights, and track your success. Become a part of the digital world with Social Media Services.

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GTEM has taken my business to new and higher levels. Online bookings continue to grow. Thanks very much, Stretch!
Dr. D Dyson

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I can definitely recommend GTEM for SEO and Website development. More traffic and better results. Great service and maintenance.
CEO- Office Supplies

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