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10 Types of Blog Posts to Kick-Start your Writing and Get You Results

10 types of Blog post ideas to banish writer’s block and engage your audience

If you’re a new or experienced blogger, you may find yourself facing writer’s block at some point.
Everybody struggles with choosing the types of blogs to use. This is due to a number of issues and distractions. And now you’re out of ideas for what to write about.
To help break through the block and keep your readers interested, consider varying the type of blog you produce. Let’s find out what these 10 types of blog posts are, and how to use them.

Some Stats

there are over 600 million active blogs on the internet.
Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links.
Companies posting 16+ articles p/mo get almost 3.5x more traffic than those that post 0-4 monthly.
The average length of a blog post is over 1050 words!

This way, your content won’t be too predictable from one piece to the next.
There are numerous different types of blogs you can choose from. We are looking at 10 types of blog post ideas to give you ideas. Look at the list available and get inspiration. Each has its unique layout, type of content, and mission. Choose one and let your concentration come into focus. Get rid of that writer’s block!

Instead of listing every type of blog imaginable, below is a list of the most effective blog types.
All of them should be beneficial for increasing your visits and leads.

#1 Let’s start! – Lists

It’s no surprise that you can find articles in the form of lists all over the web, such as;

“Top 10 How-To YouTube Videos”,
“10 Reasons Everybody Is Talking About Game of Thrones”, and
“5 Holiday Recipes You Have to Try”.

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Visitors love this style of article. It provides condensed, easy-to-skim information in a shareable format.
Lists have a higher chance of going viral, making them an excellent way to get more traffic.
To sum it up: People love reading lists – and you are, too!

2. How-To Guides

Apart from social media and emails, many individuals use the web to find out the best way to do something. Whether it’s making a cake or fastening a bow tie, people are looking for answers to their inquiries. If they come across your response, they are more likely to click the link to your website and read the article.
Providing industry insights and thought leadership with “how-to” articles can show your expertise. This creates a great opportunity to generate leads. The more you help them, the more they will be interested in your content and download it.
Creating videos is also a great way to show your audience how to complete a task, instead of just writing about it.
This type of blog post is one of my favorites.

3. Checklists/Cheat Sheets

The satisfaction of completing a task is palpable when you check it off the list.
Checklists provide a succinct, clear path for your audience to accomplish their goals.
Unlike how-to articles, checklists are true to their name. They are a list of steps with no interpretation necessary.
Checklists and cheat sheets can be invaluable resources. It saves your audience time and effort while they go about their task.
This is great for list-building. Whether it be with a new visitor, or, nurturing customers, this is a perfect opportunity.

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Offering this kind of content may even prompt your audience to return for more

4. Infographics

Infographics are a great way to get people to visit your site and increase awareness. They are easy to understand, full of useful information, and enjoyable to read. Furthermore, they make a nice change from the usual lengthy blog posts.

To make the most of your infographic, place an embed code near it. If people share it it will bring more backlinks to your website.

There are several different types of infographics, including:

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  • – Statistical infographics, which use charts and graphs to visualize data
  • – Process infographics, which show the steps in a process
  • – Comparison infographics, which compare two different topics
  • – Geographic infographics, which display geographical data
  • – Timeline infographics, which show a timeline of events
  • – Hierarchical infographics, which outline a hierarchy of ideas
  • – List infographics, which list facts or items
  • – Illustrated infographics, which combine illustration with text and data

5. Profiles

Creating a profile article is an effective way to showcase the knowledge and ability of a person. This is powerful if it relates to your buyer personas.

Interviews can be organized via video, phone, or in person. If not in person, a list of questions can be sent to the individual for written responses.
This type of article has plenty of potential when it comes to sharing. The interviewee is likely to share the content within their own networks. Almost certainly.
Thus, it not only highlights their expertise but also adds variety to your blog.

It would be a good idea to focus on influential people to work with.

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The key elements to explore in an interview to make it engaging are:

  • the individual’s background,
  • their current work and achievements,
  • their motivations and passions,
  • their inspirations and mentors,
  • their goals and aspirations,
  • their opinion on current topics/trends in their industry, and
  • any advice or tips that they have for others.

Additionally, it can be useful to ask questions that help to uncover their unique perspective on a particular issue or topic. Even more so if they are controversial or radical.

6. Guest Blogging

Taking part in guest blogging can be very helpful for both the writer and the host.
For the host, it provides an opportunity to connect with a new audience. You also stand to gain a different perspective. A little learning, and all that.

It will also keep their content calendar running. With little effort to create new content.
For the guest blogger, it can help to increase their exposure. This in turn adds credibility and inbound links. Social media reach, and networking opportunities will grow.
When engaging with a guest blogger, it is important to provide them with guidelines.

What are the main guidelines for my guest blogger?

The main guidelines for a guest blogger should be to

1 focus on educating the audience and
2 avoid self-promotion.
3. stick to the tone of the blog.

7. Newsworthy Articles

News, trends, current affairs, industry news.

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Staying up to date with the latest trends in your industry is important to stay relevant. If your content is well received, you also gain the trust of your prospects.

If they know that you are aware of what is going on, they will see you as a reliable source.
And an authority to go to for the most current information.
This can be done by creating newsworthy articles that are interesting and timely.
People will be more likely to click on and read your article when they think it will help them stay informed. People like to be in the know.
Showing your expertise in the latest industry trends builds trust. Hopefully leading to an increase in your sales.

Where would be good sources to gather this information?

Good sources of information to gather for newsworthy articles include;

  • industry-specific publications,
  • online news sites,
  • trade magazines,
  • blogs,
  • newsletters, and
  • webinars.

Social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn help you stay updated on the latest news and trends. Going to industry events or conferences is a great way to get new firsthand information.

8. Personal Stories

Telling personal stories is an effective way to create a connection with your readers. And build trust. People relate to human stories and insights.
Do not mistake storytelling for self-promotion.

Content at the awareness stage focuses on creating educational content that gives value. It is not the time to be promoting yourself.

Some acceptable topics for this type of blog include:
– everyday experiences,
– family dynamics,
– travel stories,
– thoughts and feelings,
– triumphs and challenges, and
– meaningful memories.

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Ask yourself if your content will be beneficial for the reader and if so, publish it.
If not, it’s time to rewrite.

9. Case Studies

Have you ever tried to tell someone about your amazing singing ability, only for them to not be too impressed?

But, when they actually hear you sing, they’re amazed and want to hear more.

That’s the power of showing, rather than telling. Case studies are a great way to do this in the form of blog articles.

They demonstrate the value of a certain topic to your specific audience. And readers are more likely to trust what you’re saying when they can see actual examples. This makes them more likely to become customers.

What content would be applicable?

  • 1Industry-specific best practices
  • 2. Success stories and examples of problem-solving
  • 3. In-depth analyses of specific projects
  • 4. The usefulness of certain tools or techniques
  • 5. How-to guides
  • 6. Comparisons of different approaches
  • 7. Tips and recommendations
  • 8. Trends and predictions for the future
  • 9. Interviews with experts
  • 10. Q&A about certain topics

10. Data Studies

Using data to inform decision-making is commonplace in our industry and others. The power of numbers is difficult to deny. To make sure the data being used is impactful, it’s important to include visuals. For instance, pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, and scatter plots.
If any data studies are being used, backlinks to other companies should be included. This can help to further promote the content.

Overall, data-driven decision-making is essential in many industries. It’s important to use visuals to make the numbers come to life.
With good imagery and backlinks, data-driven stories can be informative, engaging, and impactful.

Again, ask yourself if your content will be beneficial for the reader and if so, publish it.

My Final Thoughts

From lists to personal stories, there are many different types of content. To craft a successful blog post, use these as inspiration.
Break through writer’s block and create content that engages readers.
Understanding the different types of blog posts and how to use them can help you make the most of your blog.
A key is a thoughtful approach and careful research. With that, you can create content that is both interesting and informative.
And get the greatest benefit from your blog.
Like better search results and more leads.

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