Get your new year on track

Get your Year on Track- Plans and Records

Plans and Records

Why should you do this?

We have all had a difficult year. Going forward we have no option but to be smarter, work smarter and get the best result possible out of what we do. It starts with a plan.

  If done properly this will get you out of the starting blocks when work begins.

   I’m not advocating a mass of messy, difficult and impractical steps. It won’t be sustainable and you will get discouraged.

Your 90 Day Kickstart

Describe in Detail What Your Successful Plan Looks

Get a clear idea of the “One Thing” that will make a massive difference to your success. If you achieve this in 90 days it would mean you are succeeding. With this in mind move to the planning board and take…

Step 1 – Decide

Commit 100% to driving for this outcome. Allocate a chunk of time, an hour, 3 hours. Decide what works for you.  Make a plan to dedicate this un-interrupted time each day – at the same time – to the 90 day big kahuna.

“Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.”

Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh

 American Internet entrepreneur

Step 2 – Break it down

Start from the end;

Where do you have to be in 90 days? Describe that.

Where do you have to be in 60 days? Describe that. 

Where do you have to be in 30 days? Describe that.  

We are not talking 12 page essays. A simple single sentence outlining the benchmark.

Now for month 1(Day 30):   

Break this down into 4 weeks. 

Week 1 being your first week.

As you did with your 3 monthly checkpoints, do the same for each week in month 1.

What do you want to accomplish at end of week 1? Write it down.

For Week 1, what is the big goal you must achieve?

At the bottom of the page is a Free Template download

Your Daily plan


Start time:   Keep this constant. Set an alarm to ring when your allocated time is up.

Task 1. The most important – write it down. This must be completed.

Task 2. Second most important. Write it down. Finish this next. And so on..

Stop when your allocated time is up. Continue with your day.

Tuesday – Friday:

                 Rinse and repeat.

Key Points 

  • Task 1 each day should involve your key skill that will move you to your goal.
  • At the end of the day reflect on where you can improve on your skills.
  • The next day choose ONE (1) of those skills and improve that.

Do this each day.

Rapid Implementation:

Step 3: Execute

It’s action time! Execution is about getting started. No more theory.

No more “shiny object” distractions. Your job is to deliver results. It’s all about speed of implementation. 

Taking those action steps you’ve created and do the work?

With the right plan and in as little as 90 days you can make amazing strides in your business.

Keeping your eye on the Prize:

Step 4: Clarity

Good things happen when you have focused action. Determining your success path and having a clear target audience

Because that’s all it takes.

Knowing every single step ahead of time isn’t required. 

It’s taking step 1- then, what you need to do in step 2 of your business becomes more clear.

Stop wishing, dreaming and learning, and start single minded action!

Plans and Records:

Step 5: Analyse

Building your business is building a system. A system tells you what’s working and what’s not. (so long as you’re keeping a record).

You can’t analyze before you have the Executed any steps.

There is nothing to analyze without the execution. There isn’t any real data.

Once you have executed, it’s easier to see what is working and what needs change. This allows you to make tweaks to the parts that aren’t performing as you would like.

But keep in mind that the first task you do every day MUST be the most beneficial option to get you to the 90-day goal.


Step 6: Progression and Improvement.

Good things happen when you have focused action and a clear target audience. 

Because that’s all it takes.

Persistent action towards that ONE Goal.

Now you know what’s working and you can begin scaling your system to the level you need in order to hit your success goals. 

Automating your business is the big prize. It allows you to achieve enormous amounts of work without errors. 

In a follow up we will discuss this in more detail. 

And the story about Dale Carnegie.

“Focus on being productive instead of being busy.” 

Tim Ferriss

Getting to grips with your tasks

If you do, things will happen. If you don’t other things will happen.

Pros- With Action

  • You feel in control   
  • Written goals trigger Action 
  • Goals also help align your focus 
  • Gives you control of your future  
  • Increase your chances of achieving what you want in life.  
  • Gives you a sense of personal satisfaction.  

Cons- No Action

  • Dissatisfaction with the status quo.
  • Feelings of overwhelm.
  • Lack structure
  • No feelings of accomplishment
  • No motivation and low self esteem
  • Statistically less chance of success in your endeavours.


“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” 

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

 Film Star and Kung Fu expert

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Harvard Study on Goal Setting

The 3% of graduates from their MBA who had their goals written down, earned ten times more than the other 97%. 

This in just ten years after graduation.

Students with written goals..

Earnings were 10 X better than the 97%

Students without written goals..

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