get a domain, claim your business address.

get your business domain

get a domain, claim your business address.

Admit it. 

We all judge potential vendors based on whether they use their own domain name. If they use Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/etc. we tend not to take them seriously.

While Gmail and Yahoo are perfectly fine for personal emails, any business you see that is using Gmail or Yahoo can come off as very unprofessional.

get a domain, claim your business address.

The Story

People expect an email and a website domain name to match. It tends to raise unnecessary questions when they don’t.

Can the business be trusted?  Are they too cheap to purchase a domain email or are they simply too lazy?All these ambiguities and questions hurt the first impression you are trying to make, and as we all know, first impressions do count.

Getting notice in your prospects inbox is hard enough. Being overlooked or discarded right out the gate means your job is getting harder.In the long term when you want to sell your business, the buyer will want the email address. Obviously. How do you extract yourself from that tangled web??

The Problem

If you rely on emails to communicate with your clients (ie. email newsletters and email correspondences), there is an added risk.

Using free email accounts – you are tying your own image to a third-party that you have no control over.

For example, with frequent spams from Hotmail and Yahoo accounts, people are leery of free email addresses, fearing that the business is a scam.

In fact, many mail servers have blacklisted these domains – your email newsletter sent from your Hotmail account has a greater chance of ending up in your recipients’ Junk or Spam folder.

The Solution

With email such a prevalent form of communication, you need to present yourself in a professional manner. Don’t take the risk of creating a negative first impression of you and your business with something that is so easy to fix. Leave Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and Gmail for personal endeavors, online dating or other “fun” purposes.

If you want people to take you or your business seriously, it’s always better to use a custom domain email account.

Get the domain name of your business now!

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