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After 30 years of Financial Planning we know  with certainty, to get the best results you need to speak to a qualified expert. To understand why, get your hands on our free ebook containing the 10 Most Important Tips for Creating Financial Certainty.

We are not tied to any company, institution or insurance company. Our loyalty is to our clients.


Proven Effectiveness

Using a specialist who focus's on his expertise and who doesn't attempt to do everything himself, helps you make the best choices and provides the best advice and options, 


Over  6,000 Clients

Our team of 16 Planners are all qualified and experienced. They handle numerous people and businesses in their field of expertise.


Reliable Systems

All the Planners are accountable and follow a mandate. A Planner helping you with your Retirement will not fiddle around with your medical aid, that's someone else's job. There is also oversight from us to ensure your plans are on track.

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Our business and home were always lumped together as a single risk. We now have isolated all the business risk from our personal stuff. We are properly protected and feel a lot safer. 



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Our previous brokers were trying to do everything themselves resulting in in-efficiencies. With specialised planning we were able to improve our cover as well as reduce premium costs.. 



CEO Franchise Principle

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