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5 Common Misconceptions About Websites

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13 Common Misconceptions About Website Design

Over time we have heard some interesting theories. This is a small attempt to straighten some of those out.

We are a digital marketing agency. We concentrate on building “Conversion Focused” websites. But keep in mind your website is only one part of the puzzle! 

1- If I build it they will come

I will build my website and then I’m done..

“Okay we have this awesome new website — now visitors will beat a path to our door!”

This mentality is common with businesses when launching a website. Clients often see the launch of the website as the ballgame. In reality, it’s just the beginning.

We view your website as the hub of your marketing, but it does little good if no one visits your website. You need to optimize your website. It must also be easy for the search engines to find. 

2 – The “fold” – user’s won’t scroll further down.

The first thing a visitor sees..

We come across this belief often.

First prize is to grab your visitors attention with a strong message above the fold. This by definition will be your strongest appeal. Included here are your USP and a call to action. (CTA)If the site is what your visitor is looking for, they will scroll down. If your content is quality, people will scroll down to read it.

3 – It’s so easy, anyone can do it

I’ve heard websites are free…

“My daughter’s friend could design our website — she’s pretty good on computers, you know!”

We’re sure she is a great kid. Should you count on your daughters’ friend to create a website that is the face of your business online?

There is more to a website than a nice colour scheme and some pretty pictures. Content and SEO are essential to designing a successful website.Ongoing maintenance and additions will need someone available on a regular basis.

At the bottom of the page is a Free Template download

4 – It should be an online brochure

It’s more than that

No! Your website should be an interactive tool.

Your website can offer a myriad of tools that allow your visitor instant access to your company. Be it telephone, mobile, WhatsApp, email or downloading information. This is a real-time working tool for a two-way conversation with your visitors. Add to that blogs, social media, quote forms and sales pages, you can engage and grow your customer base. Often from their mobile.

5 – Make the Logo Bigger.

You have already been found…

This misconception is the bane of designers everywhere.

Yes, your logo is important but it shouldn’t be the dominant element on your website. Once the visitor is on your page your logo is almost irrelevant.

They are in your shop! When you arrive thirsty in a new town you look for a pub. When you spot a Huge sign – “Bob’s Bar and Beer” you go in. Once inside and they start serving you cold beer, the billboard outside is irrelevant. If you can see your logo from across the room, it’s probably too big…

6 – Fill up this empty space

Less is more…

Websites should incorporate some visual “breaks” between elements.

A busy website will leave visitors worn out.

Like a sculpture, you improve by taking stuff away.Likewise, too much detail, overcrowding, leaves a visitor confused.

When faced with too many options a visitor will sometimes do nothing.You’ll leave your visitors feeling overwhelmed and they may leave your site because of it.

7 – We want a cool Animated/Flash intro

Not so Flash..

Yes, Flash can be used to create some really awesome animations.

However, a decision by Apple not to support Flash on iPhone and iPads killed this feature on websites.

Also going back to the previous point confusion is a killer. Search engines also don’t crawl and index Flash content very well which can hurt your rankings.

8 – Everything should be bold / stand out

Bold, but Subtle as well..

There needs to be some visual hierarchy in your design.

The most important parts should stand out. But, if everything is bold, then nothing stands out!Also, realise a lot of readers skim.

Bold, bullet points and breaks allow people to understand your website whilst skimming.

9 – Everyone will look for my contact info on the contact page

Not always…

Being able to contact you easily and quickly is critical.

Don’t let visitors struggle with this one.

Don’t make users go on a hunt to find this! We generally place basic contact details at the top and bottom

(header and footer) of every page.

10 – Our new site should be good for 10 years

Uum.. No..

The Internet of things is an evolving beast.

Technology is changing at rapid speed. Design trends change as well. That said, expect that there may well be changes you need to implement every two years or so. You don’t want to be the only kid on the block with an archaic website? Do you?

11 – We can use generic stock images

Do you choose a rock concert or a wax museum…

No! This stands out like a sore thumb.

It does nothing to enhance your image. Nor your authenticity. Where possible, use actual photos that you or a photographer have taken.

This will add reality and character.Not all stock photos are bad — If you have to use stock photos be selective and use ones that aren’t so meh!.

12 – Let’s grab an image off Google

stop right there..

Stop right there.

This one is a big no-no.

There are copyright laws. Snatching photos from Google images search is one way to land yourself in trouble. Better to pay $10 for the rights than getting walloped with a hefty fine.

The Problem: “How do I even start?”

You want to get your website done but you are stuck.

Where to begin, what should be on the website?

Do I need to code. How long does it take? What if it doesn’t work?

And so on….

I think of it like learning to fly. 

Others have done it so why can’t I?

If you don’t want to learn, there is always Kulula.

The Solution: Take that first step!

Whatever you need to get started, just ask.

We would be happy to help.

But whatever you do, make a start.

Below is a simple starter prompt. Download and if you want, complete it and we will help accordingly.

No obligation. Feel free.

Get started here.

Hit the button to get your download.

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“Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.”

Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh

 American Internet entrepreneur

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