how to Find new customers -fast!

Optimise your website

seo tactics

Get More leads - enquiries - sales.

Check up  Diagnosis

Full website audit, SEO, Keyword research.

Audit report covering the following
SSL Certificate Valid
Mobile and desktop Speed
Domain Authority
Backlinks, total
Links - broken
Your  summary of traffic
Traffic Visits, clicks source
Bounce Rate %
Mobile Visits
Social Traffic

Actionable steps to rectify or improve website.

Suggestions to improve
Install SSL Certificate,
Optimize Slow load times, 
Eliminate obsolete slow plugins,
Potential new sources of traffic,
Improvement to site architecture,
Redirect broken Backlinks,
Target better Keywords,
Advise on best practice; schema markup, NAP, EAT, H1,H2, meta tag, geo location and image optimization. Adding relevant content, optimizing for "Voice search"
Social Traffic and sources, optimal posting.

healthy lifestyle choices


your website

Get your website checked for all SEO signals. Find what's working, improve it. What's Not working, fix it. What's missing... Add it. Optimise your website asset.


Your Social Media

Like it or hate it, you shouldn't ignore it. Done properly this can help drive traffic and build your brand. Using regular outreach you can achieve amazing results.


Google, the boss..

Use this to drive traffic and get more enquiries. We had enormous success with some of our strategies. The beauty is that most of the tools are actually free. Bonus!

Your Holistic skill set

Full stack optimisation across all your online platforms will increase your leads in 3 Ways:

Become the dominant supplier in your area.

Getting your search terms appearing on the first page of search engines.

Cutting through the clutter by consistent, targeted campaigns aimed at your ideal prospect.

Using brand awareness campaigns paired with content production, we can help your business get the enquiries it needs. 

get More Leads and eyeballs on your site

Our digital solutions put you in control of your campaign.

We monitor your website traffic, keyword rankings, inbound leads, social media reach, and monthly goals.

Gain insights into all of your stats in one place for your campaign. Grow your results month over month.

Grow your Business -  One click at a time.

Build a Lead Generation machine that never sleeps.

The ability to scale and grow with an increasing ROI.

Build in systems that are Automated and measurable.

Increasing the value of your business.

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for you?

You can apply this to your life in just 3 steps


Get in touch today

Get in touch to arrange a short, 20-30 minutes call. We can establish details of where you stand right now. What is working for you, what is not.


List your biggest challenges

What are your biggest concerns? Why are they troubling? What have you done so far to solve the problem?

Write this down. 


What is your best outcome?

What would you like to see happen? What would this be worth to your business? Write this down as well. Hit the button below to get started.

Every journey starts with that first step.

Get a report of where your website stands. What's working what isn't and what's broken. A comprehensive analysis of the most important metrics. Plot your path out of obscurity and get better search results. Get more leads. 

John du Plessis

UI/UX Designer

We never believed how well we could do. The improvement to our campaign results were astounding. The best outcome was we didn't have to employ more staff to achieve our results.

Why should you optimise your website

With everything in life, we have choices.


  • Get found in Search results.
  • Get targeted prospects.
  • You can Automate your systems
  • Increase your ROI.
  • Add value to your business. Think "Exit Strategy".
  • A lot of the tools are free.


  • Your opposition are going to get your business. 
  • Traditional methods are more expensive.
  • The world is hurtling towards automation and AI, you will be left behind. 
  • You will get Less cash for the sale of your business.
  • Growth will not scale on the same basis as automated systems, and will cost more.


Now is the best time to get on top of your game. Soon the market will start to get crowded and far more difficult to dominate. Making a start and implementing a proven strategy will lead to long term success. This is a step by step plan that you can start today. It is not an "overnight sensation" but a systematic strategy that rewards your efforts. Having a system that works night and day bringing in extra business is invaluable.

> Fix and repair the broken links. 

> Add world class security and backups. 

> Optimise your keywords.

Track your analytics

> Make sure the layout is following "Best Practices".

Speed up the loading time.

> Comply with Responsive design.

Optimise your website  

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